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Our expert team is ready to handle all of your permit needs with speed and ease.

We are a Expediting Company, S & M Expediting has Class 2 NYC permit expeditors who work for you on violation removal, NYC permit expediting, construction consulting and municipal research. Our number one goal as a NYC DOB expeditor is to provide you with personal service and fast results – making your project more productive and profitable.

Whether you are an architect or homeowner, engineer or contractor, we obtain the required approvals from regulatory agencies at all levels of the NYC and NYS government, including:

We also provide services for property managers, real estate lawyers, and plumbers.

Whatever the project, don’t waste time and money navigating the system. We will handle all of your NYC permitting needs with ease and professionalism. Contact us to discuss your project today!

Client Reviews

” Their expediting services have served my architectural company, SimpleTwig, very well.

Mercedes is really great. She explains the process to my clients when they, or I, have questions, which certainly helps. She’s even met some of my home owner clients in person to explain the entire DOB process. She provides me the forms I need (printed and mailed to me thank you very much) to sign and in a way that makes my life easier, unlike others who think I’m their printing service. Heck, one expeditor a client wanted me to use had to ask me how to fill out the work permit applications forms. Yikes! If you need an expeditor and filing representative, look no further.”


News & Updates

  • Avoid Local Law 152 $10K civil penalty. December 31st deadline approaching

    Avoid  Local Law 152 $10K civil penalty. December 31st deadline approaching

    Local Law 152 was introduced in 2016  for the regular inspection of gas piping systems in all buildings except  those in an R-3 occupancy group.  Buildings in all other occupancy groups  that  contain a gas piping system must have a licensed master plumber (LMP) or a non-licensed plumber under the supervision of a LMP.  It…

  • COVID-19 Violations

    COVID-19 Violations

    Avoid COVID-19 state and city violations during Phase 1 restart. Starting July 8, 2020, Department of Buildings (DOB) inspectors will be issuing covid-19 related violations. Inspectors will look for job sites that are not in compliance with Covid-19 state/city Phase 1 restart requirements. If any violations are found, penalties of $5000.00 will be doled out. The…

  • DOB NOW: Safety Boiler Violations

    DOB NOW: Safety Boiler Violations

    Starting July 22, 2020, the Dept. Of Buildings (DOB) will be launching a new DOB NOW: Safety Violation portal. Under this portal, users can search for open boiler violations on a given property. They will also be able to see amounts due on any penalties on these properties. From that date forward, it will be mandatory…