Expedited Jobs Increase Your Earning Potential

General Contractor - NYC Permit expediting

The responsibilities of a general contractor include obtaining building permits in New York. And finding a good expediter is just a part of doing good business in New York City. Hiring an expediter puts your contracting business at the forefront. With an expeditor in your back pocket, you can offer more inclusive general construction management and building consulting services.

Permit Management for All Jobs

S & M Expediting can help all builders with their New York permit needs and find other construction professionals to help make a sale and complete a project. For your next contracting job, call us for your permits and for streamlining your offering through our network of plumbers, HVAC and mechanical contractors, drafting professionals, engineers and architects. Let us help you:

  • File permits in New York
  • File applications
  • Re-submit permit applications to avoid violations
  • Complete job orders and more!

S & M Expediting reduces the time you spend at the Department of Buildings by filing all permits, job orders and applications for you. We can also help with permit re-submittal when your permits expire.

And now we are making your job even easier with our construction job and permit tracking services. You and your subcontractors can track every job online and in realtime. Know when your fence or roof permit is accepted or up for renewal with our automatic updates sent via text and email.

Don’t let your business get behind due to HVAC permitting issues. Call us today!