Building Design and Plan Approval When You Need It

Construction Planning in New York, NY

Permit Expediting - Construction PlanningA great plus of the expediting business is that we are part of a large network of construction professionals. This allows us to offer a wide array of construction planning services.

Architectural and Drafting Services

Don’t know where to begin? We can refer you to licensed architects and engineers who can design your project from the start.

Drawing and Planning Review

All permit applications require a construction plan to be submitted to a New York City Department of Buildings plan examiner. We can draft these plans according to the latest building-code updates so your permits are approved on your first submittal.

Asbestos Investigation and Lead Paint Testing

For property managers dealing with older and vacated buildings, we offer asbestos and lead paint investigations.

All of our construction partners are fully licensed and registered to do business in New York City.