DOB NOW: Safety Boiler

DOB NOW: Safety Boiler Violations

Starting July 22, 2020, the Dept. Of Buildings (DOB) will be launching a new DOB NOW: Safety Violation portal. Under this portal, users can search for open boiler violations on a given property. They will also be able to see amounts due on any penalties on these properties. 
From that date forward, it will be mandatory to make payments online for “Failure to File” annual boiler inspection reports. 
The procedure to make payments for boiler violation penalties on DOB NOW: Safety is below: 

• Use an eFiling account to log in at If you need to create an eFiling account, click on the following link.
• Select DOB NOW: Safety and then the Violations portal.
• From the dashboard select +Violations Payments.
• Search by Violation Number, Device Number, Address or BIN. When a device number, address or BIN is entered, all active violations will appear along with the amount of the civil penalty due for each violation.
• Select the violation for which you want to submit payment. Only one violation can be paid per application.
• Save the application to proceed. The respondent information on the request is populated from the information found in the eFiling account that was used to log into DOB NOW.
• Complete the Statements & Signature section and Save the application again.
• The last step is to select Proceed to Pay to enter the payment in the CityPay portal.
Violation Dismissal

Boiler violation payments made in (DOB NOW: Safety Boiler Violations) Safety by credit card for boiler violations for issued for the years prior to and including 2016 will be processed immediately and the violation(s)status will change to dismissed in the Buildings Information System (BIS). Payments made by eCheck will take up to 10 days to be processed. An email notification will be sent when the payment has processed and the violation has been dismissed.

Boiler violations issued in 2017 or later require an annual boiler inspection report to be in accepted status in DOB NOW: Safety. Once payment has been made, the violation will not be dismissed unless an accepted inspection report has been submitted. If an inspection report is submitted, an email notification will be sent and the violation will be updated to dismissed status in BIS within 24 hours.