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Greener, Greater Benchmarking – NYC Permit Expediting

Greener, Greater Benchmarking - Building in New York City

NYC’s Greener, Greater Buildings Plan while much needed for the future of New York City can also seem like a new headache for property managers and owners of multiple buildings—more deadlines, more record keeping, and more building upgrades. To help managers and owners navigate these new requirements, S & M Expediting now offers Benchmarking Management Services.

Our expediters will act as an owner representative for your property and help you meet the following benchmarking requirements:

  • Guidance on gathering information for all energy source benchmarking: electricity, gas, fuel oil, steam AND water use per gross square feet.
  • Submitting all benchmarking information to the EPA’s benchmarking website by May 1 of each year.

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S & M Expediting reduces the time you spend at the Department of Buildings by filing all permits, job orders and applications for you. We can also help with permit re-submittal when your permits expire.

And now we are making your job even easier with our job tracking services. You and your subcontractors can track every job online and in realtime. Know when your fence or roof permit is accepted or up for renewal with our automatic updates sent via text and email.

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