Permit Expediting and Violation Removal Services for Homeowners

NYC Homeowners Permit Expediting Services

Permit Expediting for New York City Homeowners

If you’re planning on selling your home in NYC, buying a new home in NYC, or starting a new construction project we can keep you from being caught unaware when it comes to  Permit Expediting and Violation Removal Services.

Property Research and ECB Violation Removal

There is nothing more frustrating than wanting to sell or buy a home but your closing is held up by finding out that there are open violations.  We can help by conducting a thorough examination of your existing or prospective property.

If we find violations, part of our service as expediters includes Environmental Control Board (ECB) representation court on your Building Dept., Fire Dept., Transportation and/or Sanitation violations. We have over 15 years experience handling ECB court cases.

Certificates of Occupancy

No Certificate of Occupancy on the property? We’ll inform you of the legal use before you buy and help you obtain a Letter of No Objection or a Use Letter for buildings built prior to 1938.

Basement Rental Conversions

Want to know if you can convert your basement into a legal, income-producing rental unit? Call us and we’ll tell you if your basement is convertible and how we can help expedite your general construction permits.

Contractor Verification

New construction in New York can be scary and expensive, especially if you make the mistake of hiring an unregistered contractor who performs work that needs to be corrected later.  Our expediting company can verify if a contractor is insured and registered with the city.

Construction Management

Getting and managing New York building permits is a full-time job. We can make sure your new construction projects are completed on time and on budget. Our New York City project management services include regular and updated communication between homeowner, general contractor, plumbers, and sub-contractors to make projects proceed with ease.