Track Your Jobs Here

New in 2014, S&M Expediting now offers seamless project management software. Simply create and log in to your customer account to instantly view all your DOB information. With our new service you can now view from your computer or hand-held device:

  • Existing permit applications
  • Job orders
  • All submitted DOB forms
  • Violation statuses

Receive Automated Messages for Permit Renewals and More

Make sure your projects don’t fall through the cracks. Once an account is created, you can easily set up automated alerts sent to you via text or email. When a permit is up for resubmittal, a notification is sent to our office and to you so important deadlines are met ahead of schedule—no more violations and delays.

Perfect for property managers and owners with multiple simultaneous jobs, S&M’s new system also allows you to print any document we’ve processed. Reduce time spent on the phone and managing paperwork by tracking all your projects at the most detailed level.

Now you, your employees, and your subcontractors can have unlimited access to our internal system and see everything the DOB sees in real time.

Contact us to get started today.