Do I Need a Permit for Signs in New York?

Permit for Signs in NYC

We get a lot of phone calls about how to properly follow sign regulations in New York City. Many businesses aren’t sure what to do when they are in the market for a new sign in the city and with the hodgepodge of different types of signage through New York City and it’s many neighborhoods it can seem like there are no rules at all.

But, of course, there are some regulations set by New York’s Department of Buildings (DOB) that you need to be aware of when upgrading current signage, starting a new business in NYC, or if you are interested in offering space to advertisers.

There are two types of signs: business signs and advertising signs. Business signs identify your business while advertising signs promote goods and services elsewhere and are only permitted in certain zoning districts. All advertising signs must comply with the Zoning Resolution of your district and failure to do so can result in hefty penalties that start at $5000 per violation.

The DOB must approve storefront signs greater than six square feet in total area, while most sign design plans must be prepared by a state licensed architect or engineer and a sign permit must be issued.

S & M Expediting helps businesses of all sizes meet the many aspects of signage regulations (height, size, illumination, etc.) required by each district’s zoning resolutions by providing access to architects and engineers and applying for all permits on your behalf.