Save Time Filing Permits in New York City

Whether you’re upgrading your New York City property to include a new rental unit or just adding a new bathroom, there are some important things you need to know about obtaining permits from the city.

The most common projects requiring general construction permits are:

  • adding a bathroom
  • building a deck
  • adding an extension
  • converting a basement to a rentable unit

Renovation projects may also require more specific permits such as plumbing permits for bathroom and kitchens, and electrical permits for extensions and basement conversions.

Expediters can also help with your construction plans

Before permits are ever approved though, a licensed architect is needed to draw up your constructions plans, and a city-registered contractor to pull the actual permits. Doing this on your own can be daunting. You’ll also have to file numerous permit applications with city and state agencies and and then wait (and wait)  to be assigned a plan examiner.

A plan examiner is hired by the New York Department of Buildings to approve your permits. To obtain approval, you need to be able to accurately discuss your plans with the plan examiner – a task most homeowners are not equipped to do.

A permit expediting company saves you A LOT of hassle

Permit expediters are construction service professionals – most with decades of experience – who can provide you with access to licensed architects and contractors to draw up your plans.

Expediters also file permits on your behalf, follow-up on their statuses, and have relationships with plan examiners in all five boroughs. In short, permit expediters know how to quickly navigate the system so you don’t have too!

If you’re planning to remodel your home or basement in New York City, make sure to give your project time and call your expediter 3-6 months before construction begins.