The Difference A Class 2 Filing License Makes

Class 2 Filing License NYC

In 2012, New York’s Department of Buildings issued new licensing requirements for all NYC expeditors. Due to our breadth of experience, S & M Expediting qualified for a Class 2 Code and Zoning Representative Filing License. This simply means that we have more exposure to the maze of departments at the DOB.

More than half of all expediters have Class 1 Filing status which means they can only submit and remove applications on behalf of their clients. These expeditors can only perform the most basic permit expediting duties and as a result many run into hurdles, setbacks, and delays. Your construction project limbo for quite some time while an inexperienced expeditor navigates the system for you.

A Class 2 license, on the other hand, allows your filing representative to meet with plan examiners and technical staff during meetings to review documents. With a Class 2 license, we can address any questions and inquiries onsite right away on your behalf. The bureaucratic back-and-forth between the DOB and your expeditor can be greatly reduced. This can potentially cut weeks, if not months off your building permit’s approval.

Our Class 2 designation also guarantees that our company has met the DOB’s stringent ongoing training and education requirements. We have 15 years of experience, hundreds of jobs complete, plus 36 hours of professional training. All this equals faster approval times for your job. Call us today.  718-833-2333