Converting Your NYC Boiler to Number 2 Oil

As you may recall back in April, Mayor Bloomberg announced a new rule requiring the phase out of Number 6 and Number 4 oil, the city’s two most-polluting grades of heating oil with Number 6 being the dirtiest.

About 10,000 buildings in New York City are burning the toxic oils with 60 percent of these buildings being located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. The sooty pollution caused by Number 6 and Number 4 oil irritate lungs, aggravate asthma, and increase the rates of heart attacks and premature death.

What this means to you as a building owner, Co-op board member, or property manager is by 2015 you’ll need to convert your building’s boiler to burn at least Number 4 oil if not the most environmentally friendly option Number 2. Then by 2030, all boilers in NYC need to run only on Number 2 oil. This could mean a brand new boiler for many buildings.

Changing the type of oil that your boiler runs on is not as easy as it seems and requires a permit from NYC’s Department of Buildings (DOB).

S&M Expediting can file these boiler conversion permits for you. You can convert your boiler to gas as well through ConEdison. Converting to gas also requires a permit as does completely replacing your boiler. We can expedite all of these permits for you and get you burning cleaner fuel this year.

S&M supports all of New York’s green programs and hope you take your own initiative to make your building healthier today.