How to Obtain a Certificate of Occupancy in New York City

There are many reasons why you may be required to produce a Certificate of Occupancy on your New York property:


  • for new construction that changes the use of your building
  • when purchasing a newly constructed home
  • for claiming a first-time homeowner tax credit.

Finding a Certificate of Occupancy in NYC or applying for one can be a tedious endeavor. At S & M Expediting, we can do this for you in three steps:


  1. We correspond with your New York Department of Buildings borough office to obtain a final Certificate of Occupancy. As part of our services, we continually follow up with the status of your request and complete any tasks required to insure you receive a final Certificate of Occupancy in a timely manner.
  2. If your property was built before 1938, S & M Expediting can also apply for a Letter of No Objection from your borough office. This allows you to prove the legal use of a prospective or existing property for closing or new construction that changes purpose of the building.
  3. In some cases, we may need to apply for a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) for your New York City property while you wait for the final certificate to be approved and issued. This allows you to live or work in your property until you receive approval. It’s important to remember that these are temporary and will expire.

While it’s recommended that you don’t close on a property with a temporary certificate, if you do, contact S & M Expediting soon after closing.  We’ll refer you to an architect or engineer that can determine what needs to be done with your property to obtain a final certificate of occupancy in NYC. This is important because if your temporary certificate expires it can become impossible to insure or sell your property.